Julian II Silver Siliqua

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Julian II. 360-363 AD. Reduced Siliqua, possibly irregular, 1.48g. Lugdunum, c. 361 AD. Obv: D N IVLIA – NVS AVG Pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right. Rx: VOTIS / V / MVLTIS / X in wreath, LVG in exergue. Obv. legend var. of RIC 229 (R2) and Bastien 272. A previously unknown type, similar to another previously unknown example. lot 568, Gimini auction 11, 2014. Philip Ronzone Collection.

The legend on this coin, D N IVLIA – NVS AVG, is new: unknown not only to Bastien at the mint of Lugdunum (p. 257), but also to Kent at any mint (RIC p. xxxix). The closest known legends add CL or P F: D N CL IVLI – ANVS AVG or D N IVLIAN – VS P F AVG. Bastien found only a few imitative siliquae of Julian with Lugdunese mintmarks, none particularly reminiscent of our coin: see his p. 147 and pl. XXXII-III, I 134-141

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